Meet The Team

Front Desk:

Our front desk includes, Amie and Karina.  Amie and Karina have over 13 years of experience combined. They are appointment and insurance experts. Karina is our front desk Spanish bilingual. Together, our front desk is an integral part of our team as they keep our days running smoothly. They can help to answer any treatment questions you may have.

Dental Assistants:

Our dental assistant, Shelly, has the gift of anticipating all aspects of treatment and is a master of communicating even the most complex dental procedures. 

Dental Hygienists:

Justen is our registered dental hygienist She brings over 20 years of experience to our practice! She is dedicated to providing comprehensive and comfortable dental care and education to our patients. She is skilled in all areas of dental hygiene from simple cleanings to more complex periodontal treatments. Our Hygienists are trained and licensed to give nitrous oxide sedation and local anesthetics to provide a very comfortable experience for our patients.


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